2021 CPU Courses/Conferences

Current Issues: Aug 29-Sept 1, 2021

Industry leaders and commissioners discuss issues facing the electric, natural gas, water, and telecommunications industries. Program Brochure
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Binswinder Louie Clean Energy Paradigm
Hudson David Clean Energy Paradigm
Moeller Clair Clean Energy Paradigm
Norton Cheryl Industry Leaders' Roundtable
Powell Rich Emerging Clean Generation Technology
Rich Leslie Environmental, Social and Governance Principles at Work - No permission
Sandberg JC Clean Energy at Scale
Schilling Cameron Emerging Clean Generation Technology
Sherwood Pamela 1st Annual Taste of Telecom
Tomc Matthew How Do We Get it Right?
Trautz Rob Emerging Clean Generation Technology

The Basics

Practical regulatory training for the electric and natural gas local distribution (LDC) industries
Spring: May 17-21, 2021 Basics for the Electric Industry
Fall: (Click on the course below for the program brochure) October 11-16, 2021Basics for the: